first post: downtown

Hello loveliesss! Welcome to my blog, this side of the atlantic. This is my first post, so bear with me as I work out the kinks.

This is a lifestyle/personal blog, so I'll be posting lots of fashion, recipes, traveling and DIY stuff that I do in my spare time. This has already become a fun side project and I'm looking forward to sharing some neat things with you!

It's been a little chilly here still (and by chilly I mean, like, 60. This is the dirty South after all), so I've been wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts most of the time. Transitional seasons can be kind of awkward for dressing comfortably, but wearing layers or thin long-sleeved shirts can remedy that.

I wore this last week for my casual Friday at work. The day started out rainy and cold, but the weather became hot and humid in the afternoon. This outfit was perfect for both types of weather. Check it out:

Mixing neutrals with pops of pastels and glitter

Shirt: Express. Jeans: H&M (similar here). Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: Urban Outfitters (similar here). Hat: Forever21 (similar here). Belt: H&M (similar here). Necklace: DIY. Rings: H&M (similar here). Nail polish: Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet.

Thanks to Ashley Parrish of Parrish Photography for the amazing photographs. They turned out awesome!

I'm going to be posting on Lookbook as well, so keep an eye out for links to that! Here's my first post. It would be super cool if you would take a minute and hype it :) Click the hype button to the left of the photo to hype my post.

 More to come soon--hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out the blog!

Gina xoxo



  1. LOVE it! Classic and trendy! The photography is fab too!

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    another classic outfit on you :-)