Thursday, July 16, 2015

euro vacation: paris

hi everyone!

it's been a long time, but wanted to update everyone on my whereabouts since i've been traveling all over europe and no one seems to know where i am :) so here we go!

i'll start with paris, because i arrived there first. i had an incredible stay using airbnb. here's the link to Nicole's place, along with a few pictures. i HIGHLY recommend staying at nicole's--excellent area, easy access to the metro, super clean and bright. so parisian and wonderful! she was also so nice and attentive--i asked her about some different places to go and she always answered quickly and seemed so happy to have us there. it can be hit or miss with airbnb, but this was definitely a hit!

this first bridge we took a picture at I BELIEVE was near pont neuf metro. don't hate me if i'm wrong!! beautiful view, though, and some solid restaurants on the other side of the river (away from the louvre etc.) def try to come here in the evening, it's incredible.

i want to say i remember everything in paris, but it's hard to recount it all. i do know we stayed near the place de la republique which was beautiful and full of nice things to do and not touristy at all really. cheap prices for food and very local cafes and stuff. we hardly saw many tourists at all in this area and enjoyed everything immensely. quiet at night, too, but close to everything.

the first night i walked around with a friend i made and went to some bars. it's really cool because everyone sits along the canal saint-martin during the evening and drinks wine and chills (this happens on the seine, too). the street i was on was called quai di jemmapes. the bar was super cool, but i don't remember the name! it looked like a jungle inside kind of and was already bumping at 9pm (even though my photos don't show it hehe).

highlights of the trip:

the marais
DEFINITELY go here! shopping was incredible, so many cute cafes and beautiful streets. amy got a pedicure on rue dupetit-Thouars. really nice people and the area is so cute. there are a bunch of cafes and stuff down there, so worth taking a little look. the salon also had really cheap jewelry that was so cute! i wish i would have bought some stuff there. there was also an incredible bookstore down the street i believe was called 0fr. i bought the most beautiful book of photographs and short meditations on life. they have different issues all the time, but mine was about provence, friendship, and boredom. lovely!

water boat tour:
these can get really expensive if there is dinner involved, but well worth it regardless. we just got one that was a one hour tour and it was a really pretty view of the sights on the seine river. we did the one at 22:30 (10:30pm) so we could see everything at night. it went by the eiffel tower which was lovely.

don't do the musee d'orsay. the louvre is much better!

wanderlust (gare d'austerlitz):
solid outdoor bar on the seine. younger scene (20-30), djs playing tunes. very laid back. expensive drinks (40 euro for a bottle of wine), but worth it i think because of the nice view and vibe. supposed to be a bar upstairs called nabu that's fun, but we didn't make it there. worth checking out if you're in the mood for something interesting rather than just binge drinking at a brasserie.

do go to literally any wine store or grocery store. EAT FRENCH YOGURT. IT IS AWESOME. also wine is super cheap as is cheese and food really in general as compared to america. once you get there, paris is not incredibly expensive. it's just getting there from the US that sucks.

transport sitch:
from the airport i took the RER B and then the metro. just ask one of the nice ticket fellows or ladies to give you a ticket to where you want to go. super efficient and way better than a shuttle. we also used uber a lot here, so download the app before you go or when you arrive. cheaper than cabs and way easier (especially if you're out and don't know where you are).

i hope you're enjoying your summer as much as i am!

Friday, July 18, 2014

my indie playlist: july 2014

happy friday!

here's a dreamy little playlist i came up with a while back. i've been listening to it all summer--perfect for driving down the highway with the windows down on a sunny summer day. if you've got a road trip planned for the weekend, be sure to save this playlist offline on your spotify.

pretty, right? went out to the hamptons recently and had a grand old time. so beautiful!

anyway, here's the playlist...

as far as the weekend goes, i'll be heading home to clean out my closet at my parents' house. gotta hoard all my shit somewhere while i'm in china! i'll also take some time to lay out and get a nice tan going while i'm still able to see the sky/sunlight (as opposed to a smoggy layer of air blocking my sun in shanghai). i'm excited to have a chill weekend on the books, and am trying to enjoy what time i have left here. 

32 days til i move to chinaaa, and it's clearly all i've got on my mind these days. can't think about much else or my head will probably explode.

Friday, May 9, 2014

a weekend in chicago

a couple of weekends ago, my friend and i hopped in the car and drove down to chicago without a plan. it was fantastic, exactly the sort of impulsive, spontaneous decision that makes me feel alive. we used airbnb for the first time. it's an excellent service; it's super cheap and, if you read the reviews, you will likely stay with someone more than willing to show you around or grab a drink. 

we stayed in logan square which was awesome! scofflaw, a phenomenal gin bar, was located right down the street. we went to big star in wicker park for tacos, then made our way over to the empty bottle, a venue in ukranian village, for a waxahatchee show and some pool (played poorly, of course). the next day, we woke up and walked around the city a bit. well, my friend walked quite a bit more than i. i was confined to my bed for a bit...

all in all, absolutely lovely weekend with a lovely friend. we even made some lovely new friends! can't beat that. here are some snaps i took during our exploration:

only got an ugly iphone photo of waxahatchee, so i won't put that here. if you haven't heard her before, her album cerulean salt came out last year and has some lovely tunes on it. i've posted a couple of my favorites below. i wasn't a big fan of her live show, to be honest, but i'm still glad i went! the empty bottle is a cool venue, and i'm interested in checking out ukranian village again in the near future.

enjoy! xx

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tuesday jams: scuba & george fitzgerald, boiler room london

happy tuesday!

well, it's a bit of a stretch to think tuesdays can be particularly happy, but we'll just go with it, shall we?

ran across this boiler room set featuring scuba and george fitzgerald going back and forth on the decks. they're both super cute (most important, duh), excellent producers and bomb-ass DJs to boot. there are some absolute bangers in this mix--you're bound to get a kick out of it.

you can find the tracklist here. i know i was scrambling to find it after hearing this set.

one of my favorite tracks tracks on this mix was produced by these dudes called prince club. CHECK THEM OUT. they have some really great tunes, one of my favorite of which is below:

and here's the one that was on the set that i'm obsessed with:

in other news, i saw waxahatchee live this weekend in chicago! i'll get my pictures uploaded and give you a fuller view of my chicago experience this week--it was a lot of fun and i went to some really cool places that i'd like to recommend to you.

oh, and just for fun, who has gotten their pitchfork 2014 tickets? let's do this thang.

hope you're having a great week!
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