new project: a bake stand!

okay guys, so one of the things i've really been wanting to do is start a farmer's market stand. the farmer's market and 'eat local' scene in michigan is really thriving; it's great! i love shopping at little markets and downtown shops.

but one thing that is seriously lacking in ann arbor, and michigan as a whole really, is a proper british market.

i'd like to fill that niche in a small way with a british baked goods & preserves stand.

remember these guys?

i did this same thing when i lived in virginia and it was cute and fun! you meet a lot of really nice, interesting people at farmer's markets. it's kind of a lot of work on top of a 40 hour-a-week job, but what the hell. we can sleep when we're dead! plus it's a fun way to let out some creativity. it'll be my own venture where i can play and be creative just the way i want to.

i think i'm going to go with a fun british-invasion, sofia coppola's "marie antoinette" kind of feel. kind of punky, but feminine.

the one thing i really need help with, though, is a name!! the only thing i can think of would be 'bloody hell bakery' because it's recognizably british, easy to remember, and fits the criteria of the vision i have.

also any suggestions on what to make would be awesome! right now i plan to make the following: my victoria sponge cupcakes, lemon curd, a spicy tomato and apple chutney, some sort of pickle (like branston pickle)... but i don't know what else. maybe some bakewell tarts or eccles cakes.

what do you think? do you have any suggestions?



  1. This sounds awesome! SUCH a cool idea. Haha the only other recognizably British words or phrases I know are "cheerio", "bollocks", "bugger", and "rubbish"....probably not so great for a bakery. But I like the name you came up with! Unfortunately, I am not well-versed in British cooking so can't offer suggestions on additional things to make, but your proposed food sounds amazing! Good luck!


    1. Thanks, Sam! Hahahha those are the only ones I know, too--played out a scene in my head of calling it "Bollocks Bakery" and someone saying "Wait, so technically this is 'Balls Bakery?'" Lolllled forever.

  2. It's not massively imaginative but assuming the Great British bake off hasn't exploded in popularity over there, it could just be the Great British Bakery. Scones, definitely scones, with actual clotted cream and jam. Lemon drizzle cake, treacle tart, fruit cake, definitely bakewell tart! You could sell British cheeses if you can get your hands on them! Eeeeeeeee!! xxx
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    1. That's a great idea, Lucy! It hasn't exploded yet which I'm kind of sad about--I can't watch it on any of our channels :( but I heard it's awesome. Oooh, those all sound lovely, especially the lemon drizzle cake!! I love scones as well--I used to make really traditional ones and people liked them to an extent, but Americans love sweet stuff and they want their scones to be full of crap like pumpkin and cranberries and stuff which is kind of irritating. Maybe I'll try to meet somewhere in the middle with those, and keep them less sweet but put some add-ins in there.

      Yesss, British cheese!! My parents own a cheese store so maybe I'll have them import some stuffs for meeee!! x