my indie playlist: july 2014

happy friday!

here's a dreamy little playlist i came up with a while back. i've been listening to it all summer--perfect for driving down the highway with the windows down on a sunny summer day. if you've got a road trip planned for the weekend, be sure to save this playlist offline on your spotify.

pretty, right? went out to the hamptons recently and had a grand old time. so beautiful!

anyway, here's the playlist...

as far as the weekend goes, i'll be heading home to clean out my closet at my parents' house. gotta hoard all my shit somewhere while i'm in china! i'll also take some time to lay out and get a nice tan going while i'm still able to see the sky/sunlight (as opposed to a smoggy layer of air blocking my sun in shanghai). i'm excited to have a chill weekend on the books, and am trying to enjoy what time i have left here. 

32 days til i move to chinaaa, and it's clearly all i've got on my mind these days. can't think about much else or my head will probably explode.



  1. CHINA. Also can't wait to listen to this playlist.
    Also China. K BYE <3

    1. yay, let me know what you think! OMG CHINA. just can't. SO SOOOOON! x