my indie playlist: march 2014

happy saturday, everyone!

i woke up to a gross, rainy day in michigan today, but i can't help but be so utterly excited that a) it's 40 F outside, and b) it's not snowing. i've got a cup of coffee and some tunes to keep me warm, but god damn, the things we get used to...

here's a little playlist of stuff i've been listening to. real estate came out with their long-anticipated ep, atlas, on monday, so i've been listening to that nonstop all week. the progression in quality is evident from their first self-titled ep in 2009--they seem to have become comfortable with their sound, and the niche they inhabit. clear sound with a blend of tinny electric guitar chords and full acoustic ones, lyrics that invoke nostalgia; those things have held the same, but the progression lies in moving away from this kind of tension the tracks on the first album held. that tension is gone on atlas, replaced with a flowing, cohesive quality. atlas is a work of art, in my opinion; truly an example of the perfection of a craft. it's lovely, and exactly what i would expect from real estate.

the other songs on this playlist are, again, a mix of songs i've found through spotify, ones i've rediscovered, and new stuff.

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hope you enjoy! x

ps. can we talk about how amazing this guards album cover is from their 2010 self-titled album? so beautiful. it makes me want to jump on a plane right this second.

nabbed this photo from this blog. it features a lot of really phenomenal photography--check it out.