warpaint: magic stick, detroit

just wanted to drop by and say how AMAZING warpaint was this evening. i went to the magic stick in detroit to see this show, expecting it'd be cool, but mostly expecting it would be something to do.

wow, was i surprised.

i really like warpaint's new album--it's an interesting sort of ambient, psychadelic kind of rock with a tension and depth that drives the music. i like listening to it alone, but wouldn't break it out at a party. that kind of music.

but, holy shit, live? phenomenal. warpaint was utterly fantastic: the bass deep, the guitar and vocals demanding and loud, yet engaging. that's what shocked me so much. the show was totally engaging. the music was better than the album. just. amazing.

if they're coming your way on their tour, go see them. you won't regret it for a minute.