my electro playlist: march 2014

electronic music & a friday night go together like gin & tonic.

in other words, utter perfection. complimentary in every way, and much better together than separate.

i told you i'd be doing an electronic playlist, and here we have it! my taste is kind of all over the board, but i really do love house most of all. it always puts me in the best mood, and i can't help but dance (when i'm out) or tap my feet a bit (when i'm at work. tameeee.).

my friday afternoons (while at my ridiculously quiet office) usually consist of tuning in to annie mac's bbc radio 1 show, but i loved when b. traits was on as well. score one for the ladies! a lot of my songs come from different mixes one of these two ladies have put out, and a few are songs i found somewhere else and listen to regularly or have rediscovered recently.

a few highlights:
'NY is killing me' by jamie xx. absolute classic. when jamie's remixes of gil scott-heron's album came out, i couldn't get enough of them. i still listen to a few of them quite regularly two years later! slightly eerie with HEAVY bass, NY is killing me is meant to be listened to on a stereo with clear, but solid, bass.
'okay' by shiba san is a BANGER! i love that tune. such a great beat.
'yes, i know' by daphni is a fun one. really cool sampling, and when you listen to daphni, you always know it's going to be something totally different.
'NE1BUTU' by scuba is super uplifting. really lovely track. scuba mixed on annie mac's BBC radio 1 show recently and absolutely killed it.