a weekend in chicago

a couple of weekends ago, my friend and i hopped in the car and drove down to chicago without a plan. it was fantastic, exactly the sort of impulsive, spontaneous decision that makes me feel alive. we used airbnb for the first time. it's an excellent service; it's super cheap and, if you read the reviews, you will likely stay with someone more than willing to show you around or grab a drink. 

we stayed in logan square which was awesome! scofflaw, a phenomenal gin bar, was located right down the street. we went to big star in wicker park for tacos, then made our way over to the empty bottle, a venue in ukranian village, for a waxahatchee show and some pool (played poorly, of course). the next day, we woke up and walked around the city a bit. well, my friend walked quite a bit more than i. i was confined to my bed for a bit...

all in all, absolutely lovely weekend with a lovely friend. we even made some lovely new friends! can't beat that. here are some snaps i took during our exploration:

only got an ugly iphone photo of waxahatchee, so i won't put that here. if you haven't heard her before, her album cerulean salt came out last year and has some lovely tunes on it. i've posted a couple of my favorites below. i wasn't a big fan of her live show, to be honest, but i'm still glad i went! the empty bottle is a cool venue, and i'm interested in checking out ukranian village again in the near future.

enjoy! xx


  1. Looks awesome! Spontaneous travel is the best!

    1. It really was! I agree--it's my favorite way to travel. I feel like you can enjoy it a lot more rather than feeling confined to prior plans.


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