my weekend in instagram

What an awesome weekend!

The great weather made for fun porch parties, an utterly beautiful day at Virginia Beach and, in the true American spirit, some DIY projects. I felt like SUCH an American going to Lowe's on Memorial Day. Not sure if I'm okay with that or not, but thankfully, it was balanced out by doing the farmer's market on Saturday where my friend and I sell British baked goods and preserves. Victoria Sponge at 10 am? I'll take it.

Here are a few instagram snaps from the weekend.
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1. Friday's drive home from work. Absolutely gorgeous weather and blasting "Don't Move" by Phantogram was the best start to a long weekend!
2. New creation for the farmer's market-- Doggie-Treat Cinnamon Rolls! I got the recipe from my mom's blog. Her little dog gets a royal treatment daily with her children all gone from the house!
3. AMERICA! Where did you find that shirt?
4. DIY project for the weekend. You know those ugly Target bookcases that every college student/20-something has owned at least one of? Well, I managed to turn my old one into something not only not ugly, but actually adorable! Yay for a new piece of furniture in my little French/English country room.

For now, it's back to the office and another photo shoot tomorrow! I can't wait to show you the photos from last week's shoot. I dressed up with my best English goodies and loads of pearls. The blog isn't called "this side of the atlantic" for no reason--I've got lots of fun things to share with you about my love of all things English!

Hope you had a lovellyyyy weekend as well! Four-day work week anyone? :)

Gina xoxo