cajun festival

It's been so long since my last post! Did you miss me? :)

Last weekend, I went to the opening of a Cajun Festival last weekend. Being the night before the actual event started, it was pretty empty but still had a lively atmosphere with some blues music playing, Abita Purple Haze, and authentic Cajun food for sale. There were also a variety of vendor booths lit up. 

Ashley and I made our way to the vendor booths and ran straight into Rhonda Corley's tent. Rhonda does fashion sketches by commission and sells fashion original art and prints of her work. Secured around the tent were beautiful, large paintings of colorful dresses and shoes. Vibrant and contemporary, her paintings were truly unique and utterly gorgeous. Here are a few instagram pics of Rhonda Corley Art:

There were also quite a few more very cool vendors, including Bergeron Woodworks who makes pictures frames, boxes and other home accessories out of wood from houses in New Orleans.

1. Jewelry. Unfortunately I didn't get the vendor's name, but he had some really cool stuff.
2. Streetlights and skyscrapers.
3 & 4. Bergeron Woodworks picture frames.

It was a pretty cool festival. Something different from the ordinary Thursday night, that's for sure. 

I'm currently searching for jobs in Washington, DC which is why I haven't been posting recently! It's very time consuming--between hyperventilating about not finding a job and hyperventilating about moving away from my lovely bf (who turns 28 tomorrow!!), it turns into a full-time job haha.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday--just a couple more days to Friday!