i do love a nice gelato, dahhhling

A gelato and smoothie place, Strawberry Fields, just opened up around the corner from my house. Of course I had to go check it with some friends out seeing as gelato/ice cream is literally my favorite food. House made gelato, fresh squeezed juices, gelato-based smoothies...can't get much better, right? 

It's a super small place with an open kitchen area. A large cooler of delicious, silky gelato sits right in front of the kitchen. Their flavors rotate every day based on whatever is on hand/they feel like making. I tried a couple of flavors of gelato because it looked too good (what diet??). And it was. 
The Stracciatella (sweet cream gelato with chocolate drizzled over the top) was pretty good, but the Belgian Chocolate...oh.my.god. 
Rich and creamy and basically frozen fudge...that was delicious. 

Ahh, I'm getting all excited about it just writing this! I think I know where I will be this evening.

I ended up getting the Strawberry Fields smoothie which was loaded with strawberries, bananas, and a bunch of other stuff. But, most importantly, vanilla gelato.

Looking quite happy with my purchase, eh? 
I could barely take my mouth off of the straw to take the photo.



  1. It looks so delicious! :) What a coosy place!

    - Victoria