summer drinks: cucumber basil gin & tonic

It's Friday night and you better be getting ready to go out! Here's an awesome summer drink that is light and refreshing, yet still bitter (which is how I like my drinks): cucumber basil gin & tonic. Believe me--you'll have a hard time sipping those well gin and tonics with a tiny wedge of lime in them at the bar tonight after you try this one. It is heavenly. For real.

cucumber basil gin & tonic
2 parts gin
4 parts tonic
a few basil leaves
2 slices cucumber

Pour your gin into a cocktail shaker with your basil leaves and cucumber. Add ice. Shake, pour into short glasses and top with tonic. If you want to be really fancy and impress your friends, add a sprig of basil on top and a slice of cucumber onto the rim of your glass.

It's as easy and delicious as that! Enjoy, and have a very, very happy Friday!

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  1. hmmm looks yummy!!