happy hour friday: root beer vodka

Sooo root beer vodka? Yes? No?
I had root beer vodka for the first time over a year ago, and somehow managed to forget about it.
Bad drinker!
However, I had it again last weekend and, oh my lawd! (to use an old favorite saying of Southerners)
It was GOOD!
Great in a mixed drink with (what else?) root beer (and maybe some ice cream if you're craving a childhood favorite), this stuff is deeeelicious. Give it a try! 
I can assure you, it will be a very happy hour once you've had a bit of this :)

I'd like to start these "Happy Hour Fridays" on a regular basis, so let me know if you've tried anything unusual and delicious recently!
Sorry, this post is a bit of a quickie! Promise I will do a longer post next time. Have a wonderfullll weekend!