I have to admit, I kind of have an obsession with instagram.
It has become a recurring thing to find myself holding everyone up while I take a photo of my plate, jewelry, cat, get the picture (pun intended).
I've started using quite a few more photo editing apps recently to make my pics look really great.

  • iQuikDoF. DoF=depth of field. It creates a blurry background.
  • LensLight. It adds those fun little light circles/hexagons/hearts/etc. as well as flashes of light from different areas in the frame.
  • Camera+. It has a bunch of fun filters and can lighten or darken your photos as necessary which comes in handy!
  • Diptic. This one creates those great collages I've shown you, and it also has filters you can use on each different photo. This is one of my faves!
Each of them have their own benefits. I've heard PicFX is a good one, so that is next on my list to test out. 
Now for the good stuff.
Here are a few photos from the past week's festivities:

 1. I like to try new foods. Sometimes I get a little weird. This is an oyster shooter. Let me break it down: ponzu sauce, raw oyster and raw quail egg topped with fish eggs. It was kind of good. That's all I have to say about that.

2. Mmmm sushi! This was my first time visiting Soya and I was impressed--nice atmosphere and some very interesting rolls. I am boring and stuck with the spicy tuna maki per usual, but my friend got one that was topped with baked scallops! I had to sneak a was SO good. Def worth a try if you're ever in Norfolk.

3. Ooo, so happy! After separating with my boyfriend the day before, my lovely neighbors responded to my distressed demeanor and took me out for drinks and tapas at Bardo! It was a place I had always wanted to try and finally did. We tried their martini sampler which was fun, and a bunch of tapas including a cheese fondue with vanilla beans and vanilla porter and a $1 chicken dinner (aka an egg with some streaks of sauce. So sneaky!).

4. I've been doing some running recently, and this was a pic I took down the street from my house while taking a little run down the street. Pretty flowering trees!

 So I told you my friend came to visit the other weekend. He is one of my best friends and did a great job of cheering me up! We had an absolute BLAST and did lots of fun stuff in a very, very short period of time.

1. Granby Theater is one of the few 'clubs' Norfolk has to offer. It was really fun, despite the $10 cover, with colored lights and music, and even one of those weird machines that emits a cold fog stuff over the crowd like in big clubs in Mexicooo. It was my first time there, so I'm glad I took a chance with that one since it was a good time!

2. Playing in the liquor store. Some sort of weird vodka shaped like an alien head. Obvi I had to act like a four-year-old...

3. GIANT flowers! As big (or bigger than) my head!

4. Steve! We went to Yorgo's for breakfast/lunch (also for the first time!) and took our goods downtown to eat by the water. Unfortunately there was some festival going on that blocked off the entire park/water access, so we went over to The Plot, a local, volunteer-only project to create a park space to get young people downtown.

1. Trying some 100 year-old Grand Marnier with my wonderful South African/English friend, Gerry! I literally had no idea this stuff existed. It is sooo delicious! Looks like you can purchase a bottle here. It runs a bit expensive!

2. Our view while getting drinks Friday afternoon. Not bad, eh?

3. Gerry's family surprised her a couple weeks ago with a trip back to England for her birthday. Lucky girl! She picked up a little pressie for me while she was there. So sweet of her :)

4. Out with some friends on Saturday night. Rocking the red lipstick and chambray shirt.

This post covers a couple weeks of instagramming since I haven't done an instagram post in a while! Hope you enjoyed. x



  1. I too am kind of obsessed with instagram...I'm trying to eat healthier and all the nutrition instagrams are really helping me out! "not the thinspo" scary stuff but the motivational kind!