dc thus far

I've fallen in love.

I packed up my whole life and moved to the nation's capitol, Washington, DC, three weeks ago.

And I am absolutely, utterly, blissfully in love with it.

I've met lots of fun, interesting people and made tons of new friends already. I started a job working in a cheese and wine store for the next few weeks until I get a boring grown-up job, but I love it! Good food is one thing I can't live without, and this place has got us covered.

Here are a few instagram snaps from the last few weeks:

Headed down those miles of Virginia highway.

Adams Morgan: Beautiful during the day, shitshow at night.
Adams Morgan is located in DC proper. It's a cute little area filled with restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques (personal fave: Violet Boutique) and more. The neighborhood has lots of character and is very cute during the day, but at night it's a whole different story. From what I hear, it becomes a pretty, shall we say, lively place at night. Lots of young, drunk people looking for greasy pizza and late-night bars. I don't know if I'm young enough or drunk enough to go there, so I haven't seen it at night yet. Might be a good thing?

A DC classic. DO IT.
When I told someone I went to Ben's Chili Bowl for the first time, they replied, "Was it at 2 am?" 

Well, yes, yes it was.

DC Empanadas at Truckeroo, a monthly food-truck gathering located next to the Nationals Stadium.

Dominating at cornhole per usual.
DC's baseball team, which is apparently good at the moment (I don't watch sports...), is the Nationals. My favorite part of their stadium isn't actually the stadium: it's The Bullpen next door. A large open area filled with food trucks, live music, beer and cornhole, The Bullpen is a great place to hang out before a game or during Truckeroo. While I haven't played cornhole since college, I still managed to hold my own (aka DOMINATE).

A little slice of heaven. Gjetost, banana and bacon grilled cheese on cranberry walnut bread from Cheesetique in Alexandria, VA.
Alexandria is a very cute area. I've yet to go to Old Towne, which is supposed to be lovely, but I work in Del Ray. There are a few great little places within a few blocks in Del Ray: Cheesetique, a butcher featuring Virginia meats, St. Elmo's Coffee Pub (a few pictures down) and some other organic stores and boutiques. It is quaint, but doesn't lack life's necessities by any means!

Fall is officially here.

Delicious frappe and guava-cream cheese pastry from St. Elmo's Coffee Pub in Alexandria, VA. Perfect end to a great day.

Exploring new neighborhoods, hitting new bars and trying new restaurants are some of my favorite things to do, and I've been indulging since I've been here.

DC is a great place to live, and I finally feel at home!