a day in the city

I'm back! After a short (long) hiatus, I finally have some free time and have decided to devote it to my little blog which has suffered these past few months!

Moving to a new (cool) place has the benefit of having everyone you know want to come to visit you. I've had lots of friends come to town over the past couple of months. Things I would most likely never go see myself  become a fun afternoon out with friends. It's a welcome break from the hectic atmosphere that DC can often host.

Last week, my good friend Drake came to visit for a couple of days. We explored the city, discovering an amazing contemporary Louisiana fish house, Acadiana. The comfortably elegant atmosphere was a welcome escape from the chilly weather.

We started with soup (gumbo and sweet corn crab chowder) and moved onto the most delicious fried green tomatoes I've ever had. Topped with a take on cocktail sauce and chilled shrimp, it was an amazing combination. Props to you, Acadiana.

Followed by thin fried catfish with tartar sauce and blue cheese coleslaw (also the best I've had):

Followed by beignets with a chicory creme anglaise:

Drake loves it.

So then, almost too full to move, we walked down the street to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This famous museum houses artifacts and fossils from throughout the Earth's history. The primate/human exhibit was particularly interesting.

However, hardly swayed by the enticement of the geology exhibit, we headed out to check out more of DC.

(Drake definitely looks better than me.)

One of my favorite things about this area of DC is the architecture. It's all very classic and elegant. It makes for a beautiful fall day to roam around and enjoy the aesthetic pleasures of the architecture, art and, of course, lovely food.

We wandered around a bit more and ended up running across PAUL and, consequentially, indulging in some cappuccinos and pastries.

We settled on the tarts: I with the rhubarb, he got the fruit rouge. Full and tired, we headed back for a nap before a night out at one of my favorite DC bars, Jack Rose. Housing over 1,000 types of whiskey, you're in a whiskey-lover's paradise. The bar itself is cool and casual with lots of bar seating and tables throughout. Apparently they have a roof deck as well, but I have yet to check it out (roof deck=SOLD). The whiskey list is unending and undoubtedly daunting, but once you begin chatting up the very knowledgeable bartenders, they'll give you a recommendation that will sort you out. I love old fashioneds (as I may have mentioned once or twice before...), and ordered an 'old' old fashioned made with Rittenhouse Rye.

*'Old' means it is made with whiskey, sugar and lemon peel, while 'new' denotes a drink made with whiskey, sugar, orange peel and a maraschino cherry. I've had both, and most definitely recommend the old.*

Beautiful, isn't it? Almost brings a tear to my eye.

If you're in the area, I highly recommend Acadiana (reservations here) for lunch or dinner, and Jack Rose for drinks. They're both great places, and have perfected their respective styles of cuisine/drink. 

Hope you're all having a great week!