lavender sugar scrub

are you feeling down in the dumps? do you want to feel like a productive human being? is your skin disgustingly dry?

well, fortunately, i have a quick solution for you.

homemade body scrub!

just kidding, but really, i made a body/face scrub this weekend and it's amazing. i've been super into this whole DIY movement for some time, but never took the leap of making my own scrubs and soaps. to me, making your own bath stuff sounds kind of annoying and weird and hard. like, i'd-rather-buy-$36-israeli-body-scrub-than-make-my-own annoying. i know that sounds dumb, but i just didn't really bother.*

i was pretty excited to find out that a lot of bath products, like scrubs, are literally the easiest things ever to make. in fact, it takes very little time (like, minutes) and you can make it with stuff you already have in your kitchen. weird, right? it's also very good for your body in a lot of ways. the chemicals in store-bought soaps can be very harsh on your skin, stripping it of its oils, so your skin then requires lotion to balance out the moisture. nobody wants that--it's expensive and counterproductive.

the best part about making a scrub is you can pretty much mix together any of the following ingredients and get something great:

-olive oil
-essential oils
-herbs and/or spices
-coconut shreds

you get the picture. it's really easy. basically pick an abrasive substance, mix it with something oily and moisturizing, and make it smell good.

i made a lavender sugar scrub, and used the following measurements:

  • 1/3 cup of organic cane sugar (trader joe's, yo! they also have a coconut sugar now whaaaaa)
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil, or enough to soak all of the sugar with a little bit pooling on top
  • 1 teaspoon of organic lavender buds
mix all of this shit together, and put it in a little pot with a lid. i had some old small canning jars, and they worked great for me. 

i used my scrub for the first time last night, and ermehrgehd my skin is soooo soft. i put a tiiiiny bit of coconut oil on my hands after the shower because they have just been totally annihilated by the cold and they're so soft and smooth and nice now because of it. 

someone MAY even want to hold my hand at some point (just in time for valentine's day!).

i dunno, guys. i see a lot of previously unexplored perks here.

i also used the scrub on my face, which made it feel awesome and soft, and removed all of my makeup at the same time. you just have to be sure to wipe off the excess oil with a washcloth or it'll feel disgusting. i've been using olive oil as a face wash for years, and i can safely say it's THE best makeup remover ever. it also helps your skin retain moisture.

really, though, i can't say enough how easy and great making your own bath stuff is. it's kind of nice to know that you're doing something good for your body. the environment, too. fewer chemicals in the water equals a better situation for everyone in the long run. 

now go make momma proud and whip up a scrub, you productive little do-gooder!

*i've made a lip scrub before when i put on lipstick one night and it was like WHAT. my lips were the driest and flakiest and grossest with my red lipstick on. a solid, quick scrub you can make is a bit of sugar, honey and olive oil. it mixes up in seconds so you have time to scrub that disgusting shit off ya mouth and have the prettiest, smoothest little lips anyone ever did see, just in time to make your way out to the bar and drunkenly smear your lipstick all over your face. godspeed.