wanderlust & a bucket list

well, the cat's out of the bag.

as many of you know, i'm planning to move again. where to i can't say for sure yet. this time, it's based more on where i get a job (and warm weather--i'm talking to you, chicago/all of the north) i'm interested in than places where i have friends or family. i'm hoping for san francisco, but am looking all over. even abroad, although i'm afraid the chances are probably low i will find a job there. i'm craving adventure again, though. i want to revel in the electric atmosphere a city has to offer. it's like this weird impulsion of mine to want to move and explore that creeps up after about 4 months of living in a place. wanderlust, perhaps?

very exciting times indeed, but here's my burning question of the moment: what does one do when they've already checked out of a place mentally? i know i won't be here much longer, so i've been feeling like putting any effort into my job, relationships or social interaction is somewhat pointless. i felt this same way before i moved from virginia, and it's a very frustrating feeling. i know that can't be constantly waiting for the next thing, because i am of the belief that our lives should be lived to the fullest each day. luckily, i'm not the only one in this boat.

this weekend i grabbed coffee with a friend of mine who i hadn't seen since college. it's been three years. we've both moved around a bit, dated some boys, and ended up back in ann arbor one way or another.

as we chatted about our experiences here, i told her that i was having trouble enjoying ann arbor knowing i will leave soon. she had the same problem as she is also planning a move, and responded, "you should make a bucket list!"

i think making a bucket list is the perfect way to renew your interest in a place, and take advantage of the many things an area has to offer without feeling like you missed anything. think about all of the things you've been wanting to do but have been putting off for no other reason than this: "i'll make it there eventually." if you're moving, you know you have a limited time and might not do those things, so write them down, and make plans to check them off before your move date.

here are a few things i plan to do before i leave michigan:
  1. go cabrewing (canoeing down a river with a case of beer=day drunk in the sun)
  2. learn how to change my own oil & my own tire on my car
  3. go camping
  4. go to the upper peninsula (3 & 4 may be combined,)
  5. go to the detroit institute of the arts (DIA)
  6. eat real polish food in detroit
  7. start up a farmer's market stand (english goodies, anyone?)
  8. visit short's brewery and the traverse city area
  9. try the fish & chips at monahan's in downtown ann arbor
  10. host dinner parties
  11. join a kickball team
  12. take a class
  13. drink whiskey and listen to bluegrass on my porch on a summer night with friends
so there we are. the most important takeaway is to take the time to enjoy things, even when you're sitting tight waiting to go on to something you believe will be bigger and better and more fun. i've made the mistake of hating where i live before, and i can assure you it doesn't feel very good. take the negative with the positive, and try to enjoy it for what it is. positive experiences are made when you have a positive outlook, and you can have fun and enjoy the time you have in a place while you're there. 

i've been thinking for a while that i'd like to have a series about how to move to a new city, and i'd like this article to be the first part of it. i know moving can seem like a daunting task, but it really broadens your horizons and is a critical part of learning how to see yourself as a part of a larger world, i have found. you learn how to be self-reliant, independent, and flexible. you learn to make decisions based solely on your self-interest (unless you're already kind of an asshole, in which case you've probably always done this), yet understand the implications of those decisions more thoroughly. 

on that note, we're about to get a polar vortex again in michigan. WHAT THE FUCK.

can it be spring now, please?



  1. Cabrewing sounds so fun! I didn't even know that was a thing. Also, San Fran is awesome. No polar vortexes there!

    That Curious Cat

    1. Yesss, it's supposed to be great! I can't wait to try it! Hahah right?! I'm so over polar vortexes and snow and below freezing temps and my body going into hibernation mode.

  2. Definitely, it's all about outlook. If you could try and see each day as an opportunity for personal growth even if the job is going to end and the relationships will become more distant, there are still things to learn. That being said, I could really use a dose of positive attitude myself when I'm at uni in Exeter (UK) - even though everyone else seems to think it's the bees knees, I just see it as one great disappointment! When I go back for my final year, I'll make a list like yours and try and live a little more :)
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Travel, Italy

    1. I agree, Lucy! It's really hard to change your outlook--I'm trying really hard, and I think it gets easier with time as you learn to look for the positive things. You should definitely try this! I'm already having more fun doing brunches and dinner parties at my house, and will likely head to the DIA this weekend. Having a bucket list is sort of like having mini, achievable goals that you feel good about completing, at the same time, are experiencing something new and lovely :)