a nod to 60's style

so i know i'm a little late to this boat, but i was inspired by NYFW '14 for this post. while perusing the photos from the different shows, i came across peter som. his show was full of 1960's styling: shift dresses, teased hair, dark eye makeup. the deep side part was all over the place as well.

this hair/makeup combo is a perfect look for going out or for a date. it's an updated classic, beautiful on everyone and takes hardly any time at all.

since i'm really terrible at showing step by step things, i just took a final photo and i'll show you some of the stuff you need to make this look happen. 


hairspray (i loveee big sexy hair. it's perfect)
teasing brush
bobby pin

start with a deep side part. i have bangs, and even with bangs i can do this hairstyle! pin the side with more hair back by your ear. spray it down with hairspray. again, i have bangs so my bobby pin is a little further up, but as you can see on the models, a lot of their pins are much further down.

tease the hair on the crown of your head, then brush it smooth on top. it doesn't have to be crazy teasing--it's just about getting a bit of volume. spray it down with hairspray, and while you're at it, spray down the rest of your hair and run your fingers through it a bit. it's kind of a messy hairstyle, so just fuck it up a little.


foundation: neutrogena tinted moisturizer (my favorite is this one, though)
concealer: elf concealer
bronzer: elf bronzer & blush duo in st. lucia
black eyeliner: rimmel kohl kajal
eyeshadow: urban decay naked basics palette
highlighter: benefit watt's up
lipstick: you can either use one lipstick like this one in style surge, or blend a few which is what i did.

put some foundation on. i usually use my fingers, especially with tinted moisturizer. put a dab of foundation on each cheek, and blend outward. put a bit on your chin and nose and forehead as well. dab some concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles, or over any imperfections. then grab your bronzer, and brush a bit in the hollow of each check. i look like i have the MOST legit cheekbones when i do this. it's great!

put a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones and above your eyebrow leading down to your temple. it should make a big V with the point at your temple. add a bit of highlighter down the bridge of your nose, on your cupid's bow, and some above your eye. here's a little example i made so you can see exactly where to apply highlighter and bronzer (pink is bronzer, white is highlighter):

lolllll. i look lame, but whatever--it's for the greater good.

now on to eyes: draw a thick line of eyeliner on your top lid, from where your eyelashes start to just past the corner of your eye, and then a bit underneath from the middle of your pupil outward. since i'm really bad at applying eyeshadow properly, i just put a wash of a light beigey/yellowy eyeshadow over my whole lid, and then blend a bit of a taupey brown above that, but it'd be really pretty to, like, actually do some contouring. being a girl is so hard.

for my lipstick, i blended together three lipsticks i have to get a light, coral-y color. one of my fun actress friends introduced me to the concept over the summer, and i've used this trick ever since. or, if you have one lipstick, just put the one on. maybe add some lip liner if you're feeling accomplished.

and that's it! it's a pretty manageable makeup/hair routine. i'm a lazy ass, so if i'm willing to do this you can bet it's quick and dirty, and you'll be out the door in half an hour.

did you guys notice any other cool makeup/hair trends at NYFW '14?