the best thing about living away from home... the packages.

My mom, who I told you in an earlier post owns a cheese and wine store, sends me packages almost every week in the mail. There's nothing better than finding a package waiting for you at the door when you come home.

Last week, my mom sent me a package with lots of fun new bits in it. I didn't manage to photograph everything (I already ate a pack of chips and some of the cheese...woops), but here are a few of the pretty (and yummy) things she sent all the way from Michigan!

Almond soap made in England. Almond is one of my favorite smells--so sweet and comforting!
French rolling pin and beautiful antique linen tea towel. Can't wait to use that rolling pin!
Booze makes every package better.
LOOK AT THIS BOY. He kept playing with me as I was trying to take photos.
I think he just wanted to be pictured on my blog.
Sneaky kitty.

WOW. For something that is so healthy, these are good. I mean really good.
My mom also sent one that was a sweet chili flavor which tasted similar to Sweet Thai Chili Dorito's (yes, sometimes I eat that garbage). They were sooo delicious and spicy. So delicious and spicy that they didn't even have time to get their photo taken. Def ate the whole bag during our Richmond trip. Nbd.
This pretty little box is filled with the most divine smelling drawer liners. If you didn't notice, I'm a freak for things that smell good. Perfume, potpourri, drawer liners, name it. And these? These hit the mark. Ooohh man.
Grapefruit drawer liners. I actually couldn't find many products from this same brand, Fitzherbert and Prince. This was all I found. Hopefully you can find these at Home Goods or TJ Maxx if you search a little bit.

I also got a bunch of cheese per usual. Gruyere, fresh goat cheese, beaufort...not sure what else, but what I am sure of is that they will all make a spectacular macaroni and cheese in the near future!

To see lots more fun pics, be sure to follow me on instagram at @aylwardg. I've also linked my twitter to my account. Same username, different stuff to share. Ya dig? 

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday! 



  1. So happy you are enjoying everything Gina! Love you

  2. Hi. I just found you blog, thanks to Mariannan's blog. Amazing, isn't she? You have a great blog and I wish all the best for you! :)


  3. What a lovely package!
    Great blog!